"Tell me a bit about yourself outside of work!"

Have you ever been caught off guard by this question in an interview?

Sometimes employers want to take a glimpse into your personality to get to know the real you!

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What's The Strategy Here?

Align your interests with the company's values and beliefs.


The company you are interviewing for is big on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Here's what you can say:

"I volunteer during my free time at a community center in my area to educate underprivileged children. I have always been passionate about teaching and helping those in need, and doing this makes me feel complete."

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What Else Can You Do?

Talk about hobbies that highlight your strengths.


Instead of saying, "I like playing guitar," say something like, "I love playing the guitar. I once organized a cultural event in my workplace and composed a piece just for the occasion. It turned out to be the highlight of the event."

This shows your talent, dedication, and hard work. It also highlights your organizing skills and your ability to take charge and get things done!

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Things To Remember

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  • Honest — Most interviewers can sense when you are lying.

  • Succinct — Keep it short because you don't want to bore the interviewer.

  • Professional — Ask yourself if what you are saying is going to help you get hired.

Don't be

  • Irrelevant — Make sure you are answering the question directly.

  • Talkative — Lengthy answers can make the interviewer lose interest.

  • Inappropriate — Remember that some things are better left unsaid!

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