"Isn't LinkedIn just the new Facebook?"

LinkedIn is indeed a social media tool, but instead of focusing on personal contacts,LinkedIn is specifically geared toward professional connections.

To make the most of your LinkedIn experience, it's important to know how to make and leverage quality connections.

Find Contacts

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1st-Degree Connections

These are people you are directly connected with (i.e. one of you accepted an invitation from the other to connect). You likely know them from work, school, or networking events.

To find more connections search for:

  • your workplace or field of work to find professional connections

  • your alma mater to find educational connections

  • other people you know in real life

2nd & 3rd-Degree Connections

2nd-degree connections are connections of your 1st-degree connections.

3rd-degree connections are connections of your 2nd-degree connections.

LinkedIn may suggest 2nd and 3rd-degree connections to you. Once you connect with a 2nd or 3rd-degree connection, they become a 1st-degree connection.

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Message or No Message?

Include a short message when sending connection requests to people you don't know well. Use the message to thank them for the connection, remind them how you met, or ask a professional question.


Which is an appropriate introductory message?

Nurture Your Connections

Be active on LinkedIn to nurture your connections:

  • share interesting posts on your timeline

  • comment on others' posts

  • ask questions

  • answer questions posed by others


Which of these are good ways to nurture your connections on LinkedIn?

Take Action

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Expand your network with LinkedIn today:


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