Scared to negotiate your pay at a part-time contract job? Not to worry!

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Negotiating your pay is just a normal part of starting a new job, or something you might consider after being at the same job for a while.

Just because your job isn't full-time doesn't mean you don't deserve fair pay.

Be Informed

Research the company you work for or plan to work for. Do you know anyone who works there that you could ask about pay?

You can use websites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn to find out what others get paid (especially for large organizations).

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What Is Your Target Pay Rate?

Set a target: how much would you like to be paid? This target rate will depend on your experience.

If this is a new job, what is the lowest amount you would be willing to work for? This will depend on your expenses. Always ask for more to start!

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Your target should still be reasonable. Use the knowledge you have of the organization and that type of job to help you.


When would you negotiate your pay rate?

Be Clear With Your Goals

Explain your long-term goals. Keep your negotiation based on your experience, your contributions, and responsibilities at the job.

Byte Author Uploaded Image Approaching your employer like this won't be very effective.

I Did It Good Job GIF by NETFLIX Instead focus on what you're doing well.

EXAMPLE: I have been a part-time tutor here at "Smarty Pants Inc." for 2 years. I have helped my clients boost their grades by at least a full letter grade on average.


What could you say to start a conversation with your boss about your pay?

Take Action

Use your experience and skills to your benefit. Selena Gomez Cooking GIF by HBO Max


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