Do you get stressed easily when things don’t go your way?

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Maybe you feel overwhelmed by your problems.

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How do some people face the most difficult situations in life with a calm and upbeat attitude?

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Emotional Resilience Is The Key

We all face difficulties in life. Like trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant stress.

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Being emotionally resilientmeans that you can adapt to difficult circumstances, grow from them, and even improve your life along the way.

How To Build Emotional Resilience?

Change is inevitable, so accept and acknowledge it without becoming paralyzed by fear.

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Be optimistic about life and practice seeing the opportunity in every challenge.

Have Support Systems Around You

Byte Author Uploaded Image Form connections and build a sense of community with colleagues, neighbors and friends. Eg; sports, hobbies, religious and community groups.

Byte Author Uploaded Image Our personal resilience and strength is built from the web of our relationships and connections with other people. 

Self Care Is Vital

Be mindful of your thoughts,especially those that influence your behavior.

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Remember to keep a sense of humor about life and in particular, laugh at yourself!

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Mila's boyfriend broke up with her. What step would help Mila improve her emotional resilience?

Take Action

Now you can start taking steps to build your emotional resilience and feel re-energized to face your battles!

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