Zofia, a Polish native, is happy and thrilled because she completed her first week as a new hire at an American tech firm.  

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Alison, her co-worker, has invited her to the company’s Friday social gathering, an outdoor barbeque. Zofia is looking forward to meeting other colleagues but feels self-conscious about her English language skills. She mentions her concerns to Alison, who suggests that Zofia consider taking online English classes.

How can online English classes help Zofia?

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Set Learning Goals

Online English classes help you to practice your language skills. They offer a host of features for a personalized learning experience.

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What Are Your Goals?

Keep in mind your learning goals and select a class designed for your budget and lifestyle.

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  • Free or paid classes

  • Beginner, intermediate, or advanced

  • Speaking, listening, reading, or writing

  • English for business, tourism, or career development

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Fundamental English Skills

Learning English begins with four major skills to understand and communicate well in English:

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You might find it best to learn these skills in the following order:

  • Listening to hear how it's spoken correctly

  • Speaking to repeat and speak what's spoken

  • Reading to see the spoken language depicted in print

  • Writing to reproduce characters, letters, and symbols in writing

Learning these four areas of English language skills will help you to communicate effectively and to be understood.

There are many effective ways to improve these skills through online English classes!

Improve Listening Skills

Listen to podcasts and audio activities to practice your vocabulary and grammar to improve your listening skills. You'll pick up English dialects, common expressions, and tones.

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Engage in 1-on-1 and group conversations with your tutor and classmates to develop your listening skills to hear how common words and phrases are expressed.

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💡 Practice Tips 🎧

  • Listen to podcasts and radio programs for English learners

  • Use internet English language listening resources

  • Join an online video discussion group to speak with native English speakers

Improve Speaking Skills

Focus on English pronunciation, tone, and dialects tohelp you speak fluently and communicate with confidence. In your online class you'll get advice and feedback from your tutors and classmates.

Listen and practice repeating spoken words to improve the way you speak and to accurately pronounce words and phrases.

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💡 Practice tips 🗣️

  • Record yourself speaking and listen to your pronunciation and inflection

  • Compare with an online recording of the correct pronunciation and tone

  • Practice words that are tongue twisters to improve pronunciation

Improve Reading Skills

Reading in any language is an essential skill for real-life situations and it's an excellent way to expand your English reading skills.

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Always keep an English dictionary handy when you're reading to help you learn new words and to understand their meaning or when you're confused about how to use a difficult word.

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💡 Practice Tip 📚

  • Always use a dictionary for the spelling and meaning of words

  • Read at your appropriate level topics of interest to stay motivated as you read

  • Have online reading sessions with classmates to help you engage with the text


Zofia is preparing for an online team presentation. She has problems pronouncing certain words and phrases. Which of the following will help Zofia to best prepare for the presentation? Select all that apply.

Improve Writing Skills

Writing regularly is another way to improve your English-language skills and drastically increase your proficiency in written English.

Online English classes can help you to write words and phrases correctly so that you can communicate with clarity and effectiveness.

You'll learn how to write and construct sentences, apply English grammar and spelling rules.

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Set aside time daily to practice your writing skills and you'll gain greater confidence in writing and communicating in English.

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💡 Practice Tip ✍️

  • Practice writing unusual words and expressions in an online journal or diary

  • Write down and memorize spelling rules to improve your writing skills

  • Create a shared online document (emails, letters, notes) and exchange with classmates for comments and feedback from tutors

Other English Language Resources

Language Learning Apps

Download a language learning app and get ready to practice your English skills on the go.

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Language learning apps allow you to speak with native English speakers to improve your fluency and proficiency.

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These mobile-friendly apps are ideal to practice, test, and perfect your English language skills while having fun.

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Get started with an online English language class. You'll find online activities and tools to help you practice until your English is flawless.

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