Are you feeling overwhelmed by too much screen time?

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Take a break from it all!

Leave your devices behind and head to nature to improve your mood and health with shinrin-yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing!

Find your nature spot

If you have access to an actual forest, go for it! 

A stream of sunlight appearing through the trees of a misty forest.

Otherwise, head for your local trail, city park, lake, beach, or even a garden.

Any place where you're surrounded by nature will work.

Remove distractions

A person leaning against a tree on a beach. The text: Disconnect so you can reconnect

Leave or turn off your phone and anything else that may be a distraction.

Forest bathing is about connecting with nature and being present in the moment. 

Be present with all your senses

A person practising forest bathing by breathing in the air near some trees.

Take a deep breath and smell the fresh air. Feel the sun and the wind in your face.

Notice what you see. The different colors of the leaves and flowers.

Touch and feel the texture of a tree trunk.

Take your time

A person looking at a waterfall. Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Forest bathing is not meant to be a strenuous trail run or hike.

If you want to wander around, do so, but take it easy. It's ok to sit, lay or stand and just take it all in.

Let your mind and body wander on their own time, and let the experience refresh you.


You have a few hours free and want to go forest bathing, but are expecting an important call today. What should you do?

Hang onto that feeling

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Had your fill of forest bathing? Don't turn on your devices just yet.

Keep those positive feelings going:

  • Reflect on how you're feeling now

  • Write down what you experienced and how it made you feel

  • Plan your next forest bathing excursion

Take Action

Take a break to enjoy nature soon!

A lady enjoying forest bathing by skipping in the woods.


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