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We all feel anxious sometimes. And it sucks.

But if you find that you're feeling anxious most days, it's time to reframe things.

Anxiety Is A Kind Of Fear

And it usually relates to things we feel uncertain about.

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Time To Flip The Script

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Find What's Exciting

There's some small piece about the source of your anxiety that can actually make you excited or hopeful. But you have to look for it.

It's the same idea that Lupin uses with his class to tame Boggarts. Except instead of finding something exciting, they look for something funny.

Remember The Last Time You Had A First Date?

You probably felt kind of anxious.

What if they hate me?

What if I hate them?

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But there's also a nugget of hope and excitement.

Maybe we'll be the same kind of weird.

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Try It Out

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What is one hopeful or exciting idea you could think of instead of stressing about someone texting you back?


Is anything making you feel anxious today?

What's one aspect of it that could actually be exciting?

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