Job searching can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Creating a job hunt schedule will help you get through many tasks and stay on track.

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What Will You Need Before Starting A Job Hunt?

  • Know your strengths and accomplishments

  • Know your skills and experiences

  • Create a resume and cover letter

  • Clean up your act on social media

  • Reach out to your potential referees

  • Set up a profile on popular job hunting sites

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How To Plan My Job Hunting Schedule?

How do you break down your schedule efficiently to get the right job?

  • Preparing

  • Searching & applying

  • Job fairs

  • Networking

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Create and (or) update:

  • Resume

  • Cover letters

  • Follow-up letters or emails

  • Create and update your profile on online job hunting sites

    *This step requires around 5 hours per week


On the webpage search menu, typing 'Search' and clicking 'Go'

Search and apply online for the jobs on job hunting websites and company websites.

*This step takes around 5 hours per week.

Other Ways To Put Yourself Out There

"It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Though sending online applications can help, meeting the right people will have a huge impact on getting your desired job, so make sure to reserve 10-12 hours per week for networking activities like job shadowing, using LinkedIn, and meetings with people in your network.


  • Meeting job coaches and recruiters at job fairs will help you contact the right people and discover new opportunities out there for you.

  • You can reserve 5-7 hours per month for this.

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  • Stay in touch with the right people and keep yourself updated with any job openings in their companies.

  • Ask for an internal referral from people you know to increase your chances of getting a job.

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What percentage of jobs are found through networking?

Alternate Job Hunt Schedule

If the above plan seems too detailed, following a day-wise plan may help you keep your job hunt on track.

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  • Sunday: go through recent job listings and save the ones you plan on applying for

  • Monday: submit a complete application online

  • Tuesday: follow up on your previous week's applications

  • Wednesday: networking activities, such as referrals, interviews, and job fairs

  • Thursday to Saturday: give time to yourself for hobbies, upskilling, volunteering,etc.

Take Action

After applying for jobs, follow the status of your application:

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