More than half of our communication is through body language.

But in virtual meetings, our ability to use and see body language is limited.

With more of us working virtually, how can we continue to communicate effectively?

Set The Tone

  • Start the conversation with your video on. This encourages others to do the same.

  • Use live reactions, like zoom emojis or the chat box. This lets others know you are listening even if you're muted.

  • Gesture big. Nod along or give a physical thumbs up when someone asks a question.

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Check In Actively

If you aren't sure if people understand your point, ask!

"I'm going to pause. Any questions so far?"

"Is this making sense?"

Silence doesn't always mean people aren't understanding. Pause regularly to check in.

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Take Action

Which of these tactics could help you communicate more effectively?

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