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Yes? That's great! You're one of the lucky few.

But if you're like a majority of other humans, then you're still figuring out who you are.

So can you learn to be a leader?

The answer is yes!

How To Get Started?

All great leaders share some common traits and skills. Through regular practice, you can master core leadership values.

Great leaders are:

  • Respectful

  • Self-aware

  • Decisive

  • Curiously minded

  • Insightful

  • Excellent at communication

  • Able to delegate

  • Able to connect, motivate & inspire others

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Put It Into Practice

Recognize how you can model the behavior fit for a leader.

Respect yourself and others regardless of differences and treat everyone with dignity and compassion.

Show empathy towards others by putting yourself in their shoes.

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Focus On Self Improvement

To improve your team, first work on yourself.

A person holding a pill bottle over the text: Recognize your personal biases. Assumptions may prevent successful leadership.

To improve your team’s outcomes, make a conscious choice about how you react, no matter the circumstances.

Some ways to practice your critical thinking skills include:

💡 Engage in discussion. Opinions give an insight into a person's values and beliefs.

💡 Challenge your opinions. Weigh the evidence and consider if you might be influenced by any assumptions, beliefs, or emotions before reacting.

💡 Be open to receiving feedback. You'll be able to make informed decisions while also connecting with people and making them feel heard.

Key Communication Skills

  • Delegate tasks clearly

    Think of the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why” and “how” as you explain what needs to be done.

    Establish check-in times to discuss progress.

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  • Good listening skills are vital

    Practice taking in the facts accurately, without prejudgment or being distracted by other thoughts.

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  • Remember to praise good work

    Compliments are most effective if they're specific to the situation and in writing.

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  • Encourage diversity of opinion

    Be open to receiving feedback from people with differing perspectives.

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Scenario: Initiating Change

Salim has been newly hired to lead a big team in a successful, well-established organization. He has big ideas he'd like to implement.

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What should Salim do to demonstrate his strong leadership skills?

Take Action

Are you ready to awaken the leader within?

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By consistently practicing these leadership values, you'll develop confidence in your own abilities and earn your team's trust!

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