Notion is one of my favourite productivity apps but it's always a bit confusing to get started. So I've listed the best 7 Notion productivity templates you can copy directly into your Notion Workspace.

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If you like one of the templates before, just open them up on Notion and click on the duplicate button on the top right. It's that easy!


Choose The Right Time Management Tool For You

How Sleep Impacts Productivity

Wiki Dashboard

This notion productivity template lets you create a simple to use repository for everything you or your team needs to know including daily tasks, goals and future planning. A definite MUST have for any Notion user.

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Kanban Roadmap

For anyone who has multiple tasks to tackle or have many projects on the go, this Roadmap template will help you organize your To-Do list and prioritize tasks.

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Kanban Roadmap, Notion productivity template


This template is a great way to knowledge transfer or onboard someone with learning material as it is easy on the eyes, simple to use and well organized.

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Curriculum, Notion productivity template

Weekly Agenda

This template is a great way to view all of your important tasks on a timeline with checkboxes. It will give you and your team a clear view of what's upcoming.

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Weekly Agenda, Notion productivity template

Eisenhower Priority Matrix

This template is one of my personal favourites as it allows me to put all of my to-do's on a page and sort them by importance and urgency.

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Eisenhower Priority Matrix, Notion productivity template

Mood Board

Use this template to create clusters of your ideas along with images for inspiration, ideas, and other projects. It can also be a great storage for your favourite media.

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Mood Board, Notion productivity template

Habit Tracker

Habits are created from repetition and routine. This template will help you stay on track of the things you want to do.

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Habit Tracker, Notion productivity template

Take Action

These 7 templates are essential for almost any Notion user. Remember all you need to do is open up one of the template links and click on the duplicate button on the top right of your screen to get started!

Good luck!

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Choose The Right Time Management Tool For You

How Sleep Impacts Productivity


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