Did you know that 6 minutes of silent reading can lower your stress levels by 68%?

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In fact, reading lowers stress levels faster and better than activities like listening to music, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea.

Make a plan to read more books!

It's a great way to improve your mental health and pick up a new hobby — or revisit an old hobby if you're not reading as much as you used to.

Set A Reading Goal

Ask yourself WHY you want to read more. Having a goal to work towards will make it easier to stick with the habit of reading over the long run.

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There are so many reasons to build a reading habit!

  • To learn new things and expand your knowledge

  • For creative inspiration

  • To connect with other people through book clubs and literary events

  • To de-stress, relax, and help you fall asleep

  • To reduce time endlessly scrolling on social media

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Make It A Habit

Make reading an important part of your daily life.

  • Create a "gateway habit" . Couple reading with another activity like drinking tea, walking on the treadmill, riding the bus, etc.

  • Set a small goal to read for about 15 minutes a day or a few pages per day.

  • Track your progress on an app like Bookly, ToDoIstor on paper in a reading journal.

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It's okay to put down a book that doesn't grab your attention.

Create A Reading Environment

Create an environment that encourages you to build a reading habit.

This will look and feel different for every person.

  • Turn off the TV while reading, and put your phone on silent or airplane mode.

  • Create a reading nook with good lighting and a comfy chair.

  • Decide if you'll read from a device or from a paper copy.

  • Listen to audiobooks while multi-tasking.

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Juan set a goal to read 10 books this month. He usually reads in a busy cafe near his house. He doesn't like what he's reading now but doesn't want to be a "quitter". At the end of month, Juan read only one book. What could he do next month?

Build Your Community

You may find it enjoyable and motivating to join a community of readers.

  • Take part in reading challenges on GoodReads or Bookish with friends!

  • Write and respond to others' book reviews on GoodReads.

  • Engage in the discussion boards on GoodReads.

  • Join a local book club — check out Meetup, My Book Club, or your local library.

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Build Your Collection

You can develop the habit of reading with just a few books on hand. Soon enough you'll want more books!

Unsure of what to read next?

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  • Browse your local library's book lists.

  • Search for "curated booklists" on Google.

  • Check out the New York Times bestsellers list.

Want to build up your collection?

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  • Take out some new books from the library.

  • Swap books with friends, family, and coworkers.

  • Check out used book sales.

  • Sign up for free giveaways on GoodReads and Swapbooks.

  • Sign up for a book subscription box.

Take Action

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Get started on your plan to read more!


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