If you own a Discord server, I am sure you know how hard it is to manage a community of people and keep them engaged. Here are 5 must have Discord bots for your server.


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Mee6 Bot

MEE6 is the best moderation bot for Discord. It can help you set server rules and policies such as use of language, spam, and external link filtering. You can also use it for automated interactions with the different users on your server plus much more.

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Helper.gg allows you to use a ticketing system to respond to user inquiries. This is the perfect tool for customer service teams to organize user questions and problems. There are many ticket functions including opening, responding, closing, organizing and more.

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Apollo is an event management bot to help you schedule different events for your users. The people in your server can choose to accept, deny or question each event. Furthermore, Apollo has automatic private messages to remind attendees and can also set recurring events.

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Octave is a popular music bot for Discord where anyone can use it to play a song available on any of the popular music streaming services. You can use it to play music for different voice channels, create playlists and queue songs for your friends to listen to.

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Dank Memer

The Dank Memer bot keeps your community engaged with a unique gamified currency system and meme generator. It is a great way to improve user retention on your Discord server.


Take Action

Using bots to help you grow your Discord community is a must! Start with one bot at a time and don't do all five at once. We recommend you to start with the MEE6 bot as it simple to set up and a must have for your server!

Good luck!

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How to Promote Your Brand

7 Notion Templates to Improve Productivity

Should I be a Standup Comedian


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