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Resume writing doesn't have to be so hard!

Taking the time to craft your resume with the right format can help you showcase all your hard work, and demonstrate your valuable skills and achievements to employers.

Chronological Resume

In a chronological resume, you display your work experience in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent position at the top.

Under each job, elaborate on your responsibilities, skills, and achievements in your role.

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A chronological resume is often organized into the following sections:

  1. Name & Contact details

  2. Objective/goals statement

  3. Skills section

  4. Work experience

  5. Education

Example Resume - Administrative Assistant Position:

Example chronological resume for an administrative assistant position.

Best Suited For...

Chronological resumes are the most standard and traditional format and are best if you have:

  • A consistent employment record with minimal employment gaps

  • A steady advancement in your profession

  • Several years of experience in the same/similar career path or industry

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Functional Resume

A functional resume (sometimes referred to as a skills-based resume) showcases your skills rather than your work history.

You can group your skills into different categories in a way that demonstrates your expertise and qualifications for a particular job.

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Functional resumes typically include the following sections:

  1. Name & contact information

  2. Summary or objective statement

  3. Skills & abilities

  4. Professional experience

  5. Education

Grouping Your Skills & Abilities

Group your skills together and list your relevant experience and accomplishments under each group.

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For example, skills for a Sales Manager position might look something like this:

  • Leadership: If you have experience as a team leader, class president, or any other leadership position, mention it here.

  • Customer Service & Sales: If you have an excellent track record for sales, or have examples of your exceptional customer service skills, highlight them in this section.

  • Administrative Support: Showcase your administrative and technical skills.

Example Resume - Sales Manager Position:

Example functional resume.

Best Suited For...

You're best suited for a functional resume if you're:

  • Re-entering the workforce after a lengthy pause

  • A recent graduate with little to no professional or relevant experience

  • Making a career change and want to highlight your transferable skills

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Taylor has many years of progressive experience in sales roles, from Sales Associate moving up to Team Leader. What type of resume would best showcase their skills when applying for a Sales Manager role?

Consider A Combination Resume

Can't decide between a functional or chronoligal resume? Why not do both!

Depending on your skillset and the position you're applying for, using a combination format can really help showcase your skills.

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  • If you have a progressively rich work history, you can showcase this through a chronological format in the work experience section.

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  • If the job you’re applying for places a heavier value on your proven skills and abilities, demonstrate these through a functional skills section.

Take Action

When deciding on a resume fomat, consider your work history and skillset, and remember to look for clues from the job description to see what the employer values most.

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To help you choose the best resume format:


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