Has your job ever left you feeling emotionally exhausted, unmotivated, irritable or feeling like you want to quit?

Well, these could be signs of burnout. After working a job that left me emotionally exhausted, I can tell you I've been there, too!

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If your job is feeling like it's not manageable, don't fret. These 3 helpful tips assisted me during my demanding job, and they will also show you how to deal with a job that is asking a lot out of you.

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Tip 1: Take Positive Breaks

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Demanding jobs can have you completing many tasks and duties in a short amount of time. However, taking a break is very important, especially when your job is demanding.

BUT not all breaks are made equal!

hand holding a green sign with a checkmark Do this:

  • Change your workplace scenery or take a walk outside or in a neutral space.

  • Do a small chore that encourages more productivity (e.g. organizing your workspace).

  • Sit in a quiet place and eat your lunch.

  • Call a friend or family member to reinforce feelings of connection.

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  • Scroll on your phone or social media, as this may lead you to feel worse after your break is over.

  • Search or use a technology device if you already use technology during your job.

  • Gossip or listen to negativity that might bring your mood down.

Tip 2: Stay Organized!

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Staying organized is tough, but it could really help you manage a demanding job.

Here is a list of ways that you can implement organization in your workplace:

  • Use a calendar or agenda. You can use online or physical calendars or agendas to help keep track of upcoming due dates, task completion dates, or appointments.

  • Write daily priority lists. Write lists in the order of most important to less important. As you complete your tasks on the list, you can cross them out.

  • Avoid multitasking. Take it one task at a time!

Tip 3: Set Boundaries

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An important way to manage a demanding job is to make sure that when you leave work, your work doesn't come home with you.

Try to:

  • Sign out of all work communications when home. When you leave work, you're signed out!

  • Find an enjoyable activity to do when you're not working. Discover a new hobby, spend time outside, or hang out with some good friends.

  • Get enough rest. Make sure that you have enough time to relax and get some rest when you're not at work. Adults should be getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

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Creating barriers at work is important because...

Take Action

Remember, these are only a few of many tips you can use to manage a demanding job. It's important to always be honest with yourself and how much you can manage.

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