Wouldn't it be great if money grew on trees?

Everyone could buy what they need. There would never be conflict.

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Sadly, that's just not reality.

In a world with limited resources, societies have developed beliefs like communism and capitalism that structure how the economy should be run.

What is communism?

Communism is an economic ideology by Karl Marx in which all property is publicly owned and people are paid according to their economic needs.

In a communist society:

  • the means of production (like land, resources, and factories) are publicly owned

  • wealth is shared according to need

  • the needs of society are more important than individual freedom

  • everyone is equal, and there is no government or private property

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What is capitalism?

Capitalism is an economic ideology in which property is privately owned and trade is controlled by competition.

In a capitalist society:

  • the means of production are privately owned

  • the economy is driven by supply and demand

  • individual freedom is more important than society's needs as a whole

  • class distinctions categorize people by their economic position in society

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Pros and cons of communism and capitalism



  • everyone's basic needs are met

  • no class divisions

  • equal access to jobs, healthcare, and other social services


  • lack of economic growth due to lack of competition

  • less personal autonomy and freedom

  • potential for corruption

Gru shows his plan for an economy based on equality. He looks dismayed at the thought of less political and economic freedom.



  • economic innovation is incentivized

  • unrestricted economic and political freedom

  • higher standard of living


  • inequality of opportunity and outcome

  • society is divided by class

  • less economic stability due to "boom and bust cycles"

Drake looks disgusted at wealth inequality and class division. He looks happy at economic freedom and innovation.

Communism, capitalism, or both?

Capitalism and communism are both economic ideologies, or visions for how the economy should run. In reality, economies are a mix of policies that reflect elements of capitalism and communism.

A mixed economy may:

  • protect private property but allow the government to step in for the collective good

  • have some industries that are publicly owned because they're considered essential

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Communism and capitalism today

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  • North Korea, Laos, Cuba, China, and Vietnam are the only official communist governments, however none of them meet the true definition of communism.


  • Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and Ireland are some of the most capitalist countries.

  • Capitalism is the most influential economic system worldwide.


Which of the following policies reflect a capitalist ideology? Select all that apply.

Quiz Time!

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Welcome to Money Island!

The economy is based mostly on agriculture, manufacturing, and energy. The island is dotted with vineyards that have been passed down from generation to generation, and wine is their biggest export.

As part of its economic policy to promote growth and reduce unemployment, the government has shares in private corporations across a number of industries. The government has also set workers' minimum wage at $25 per hour.


Is this an example of communism, capitalism, or a mixed economy?

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