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Do you ever feel like you and your coworkers just don't understand each other?

Knowing each other's work styles can help everyone work better together!

Some Basics

There are 4 major work styles and we each have a dominant style:

  • Analyst

  • Collaborator

  • Expressive

  • Driver

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The types are evenly split among workers, so that means that 75% of people have a different style than you!

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Good news!

  • One style is not better than the other.

  • All styles can be successful.

Want to work more productively with your team?

Understand how they work and adjust your interactions according to their style!

1. Analyst

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Traits & Strengths

  • Prefers to work alone

  • May be a perfectionist

  • Organized

  • Responds to statistics, facts, and order

  • Not very emotional

When working with them:

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Be clear and concise

  • Provide factual information

  • Know that they are loyal and fair

  • They want to know the details

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Scenario: Working with an Analyst

Your coworker, Stan, has an analytical work style. You have been asked to collaborate with him on a special project. After doing some research, it's time for you to meet with Stan and tell him what you have learned so far.


What would be the best way to present the information to Stan?

2. Collaborator

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Traits & Strengths

  • Likeable, hard worker

  • Seeks opinions before making a decision

  • Helpful, considerate, good listener

  • Follows through on assignments

  • Task-oriented

When working with them:

  • They are easy to get along with

  • Ask questions to get their ideas

  • It's hard to tell if they are annoyed/angry

  • They don't need reminders

  • They work best 1:1 or in small groups

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How might a Collaborator express their opinion at a meeting about a business solution?

3. Expressive

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Traits & Strengths

  • Social butterfly

  • Can be loud, boisterous and fun

  • Assertive

  • Good networker

  • Sees the big picture but not details

When working with them:

  • Expect some drama

  • Give big-picture updates

  • Be direct; express emotion

  • Use bullets in written communication

  • Their schedule might not match yours

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Which of these assignments might someone with an expressive style like the best?

4. Driver

Traits & Strengths

  • Likes to lead

  • Energetic, "Type A"

  • Task-oriented

  • Decisive, but might change course

  • Keeps everyone on track

When working with them:

  • Be on time

  • Get to the point

  • Provide frequent updates

  • Try to match their energy

  • Be prepared for questions

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Scenario: Task Assignment

You have been asked to lead a team. One of the members will need to organize meetings, prepare agendas, and work with all of the other members to achieve consensus.


Which of these work types would be best for this role?

Take Action

Now that you know about work styles, take these next steps:

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The information in this byte is based on:

  • Bolton & Bolton's "People Styles at Work: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better"

  • Del Gilbert, Accelerating Excellence podcast


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