Imagine having a savvy assistant by your side, helping you craft a resume that captures attention and impresses employers! Flaticon Icon

WithChatGPT, you'll have a powerful tool to elevate your job-seeking game.

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However, remember that it's essential for you to put in the effort and utilize ChatGPT wisely, as this innovative technology can only complement your hard work and personal input.

Together, YOU and ChatGPT can create a resume that showcases your unique talents and expertise.

Step 1: Grab Your Resume + Job Description

Ready to make your resume shine? Let's work with ChatGPT to personalize it and grab the employers' attention!

A picture with a resume and a laptop Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

Start by having ChatGPT tailor your entire resume. Grab your resume and the job description and ask:

"Rewrite my resume, optimize it for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and tailor it to the job description below.

Here is my resume: [resume].

Here is the job description: [Job Description]."

Watch as ChatGPT helps you improve your resume by focusing on your special skills and experiences to fit the job you want.

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Flaticon Icon Check and make changes as needed.

Carefully review and adjust the content to ensure it accurately represents your skills and aligns with the job requirements

Step 2: Optimize Your Resume Further

The first pass, perhaps even the second and the third, isn't the best. But we can easily ask ChatGPT to tweak and rewrite.

Flaticon Icon Some tweaking examples:

  • "Fit on one page: Make it concise"

  • "Highlight X experience: Focus on a specific skill"

  • "Add measurable outcomes: Show quantifiable results"

  • "Strengthen action verbs: Use powerful, dynamic language"

  • "Emphasize soft skills: Showcase interpersonal and communication abilities"

Flaticon Icon Quiz: Jane's Resume

Meet Jane, a recent college graduate who just finished her degree in computer science. She is looking for her first job as a software developer and has a general resume but wants to tailor it to a specific job posting.

The job posting requires skills in Java and Agile development, but Jane only has experience in Java and is unfamiliar with Agile development.

What should Jane ask ChatGPT to do?

A girl sitting in front of a computer on her desk

A. "Can you create a brand new resume for me that highlights my skills in Java, Python, and Agile development?"

B. "Can you rewrite my resume and optimize it for the specific job description, emphasizing my experience in Java and potential to learn Agile development?"

C. "Can you create a cover letter for me that explains my lack of experience in Python and Agile development?"

D. "Can you help me gain experience in Java and Agile development before I apply for the job?"


Choose the best option for Jane's question prompt:

Step 3: Improve Your Bullets

According to many career experts for creating effective and impactful resume content (such as TopResume), the most effective formula for crafting impactful resume bullet points is:

  • 12-20 words

  • 35% hard/soft skills

  • 35% common words

  • 15% action words

  • 15% measurable metrics

Flaticon Icon We can ask ChatGPT to leverage this formula.

Step 1: Copy a bullet point from your resume/job description.

Step 2: Ask ChatGPT:

"Rewrite this bullet to be less than 20 words, include keywords from the job below, include metrics from my resume, and use compelling language. [Resume] [Job Description]"

A man preparing to type on a computer Don't limit yourself to just one bullet point.

Ask ChatGPT to craft 5, 10, or even 20 variations of the same point using the formula. Pick and choose the pieces that work best for you.

Flaticon Icon A weak example of a bullet point:

"Conduct marketing tasks to make people know our brand and buy our product."

Flaticon Icon ChatGPT's version:

"Boosted brand awareness by --% via data-driven marketing strategies, resulting in a --% increase in sales."

Flaticon Icon When crafting your resume with ChatGPT:

  • Prioritize honesty and authenticity

  • Use accurate, provable data and achievements

  • Avoid exaggerating or relying on pre-generated content

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