Have you ever felt like you're totally killing it? 

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Have you ever felt as if nothing was going right?

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Remember how those feelings of success or failure didn't last forever?

That's because neither success nor failure are permanent states in anyone's life.

Success And Failure Are Interrelated

Ask any successful person, and they'll tell you they've had failures, struggles, and times of confusion along the way.

The path towards any goal is full of challenges.

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Failure Isn't Fatal

Did you ever hear the story about Michael Jordan, the basketball Hall-of-Famer?  He was cut from the high school team, but used failure as his motivation to do better.

Failing can have benefits

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Scenario: Casey's Business

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Casey dreams of becoming a successful artist and decides to open an Etsy business selling original paintings. Before too long, lots of orders start coming in.

At first, everything is going great, but Casey gets too busy and is unable to fill all of the orders, resulting in poor reviews. Casey has to shut down the shop.

Casey decides to use the earnings from the business to pay for some art classes at a local gallery.


Which of these is a benefit from the failure of Casey's business?

What Is Success?

Success means different things to different people, so take a moment to think about how you define success.

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Then start taking the steps to get there!

Success Isn't Final

Once you reach your goal, that's not the end!

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Enjoy your success, but remember you will have more goals and more challenges ahead, and you are prepared to tackle them.

The Last Line

The saying, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal," is a quote by a famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

There's actually one more line to the quote.

"It is the courage to continue that matters!"

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Whether you are at the top of your game or experiencing a setback, keep going!

Take Action

Life is full of ups and downs. Aim for your version of success, anticipate some failures and detours along the way, and keep striving.

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