Goals are part of our daily life, whether its your to-do list for the day or your 5 year plan! Its important to think about what you want to achieve from your goal in order to make it measurable.

I want to lose weight.

I want to run for longer.

I want to become stronger.

I want to travel more.

Each of these statements are goals but none of them are measurable.

To know if your goal is measurable, ask yourself "how will I know when I have achieved it?"

What Makes A Goal Measurable?

Goals are made so that we can progress from status A to status B. What if you don't know what status B is? How would you get there? How would you know once you have reached it?

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Setting a measurable goal means:

  • You know when you have achieved it

  • You can easily track your progress

  • You can map out a plan to achieve it

  • If you don't get there, you can easily back track and see where you went wrong.

Making Goals Measurable

Lets revisit these statements. How would we turn them into measurable goals?

The key is a unit of measurement. Measurable goals should have something to count so that you are able to know where you stand and where you want to be.

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I want to lose weight.

I want to run for longer.

I want to become stronger.

I want to travel more.

I want to lose 10 pounds.

I want to be able to run 10 miles.

I want to be able to lift 50 pounds.

I want to take 2 trips a year to new places.


Which of the following is NOT a measurable version of - "I want to be successful""

Take Action

Did you notice how the goals suddenly became clearer once we added a way to measure them?

Thank about one of your goals.

Can you measure it? How would you measure it? How far are you from it?


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