Do you like to play matchmaker?

Introducing people could be your full-time job! In the same way that matchmakers connect people based on their interests, recruiters find talented candidates and connect them with jobs that match their skills.

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So, how do you know if becoming a recruiter is the right move for you?

What do recruiters do?

Their responsibilities include...

  • understanding what the employer is looking for

  • finding candidates that could fill the role

  • coordinating the interview process

  • following up with both sides

  • managing negotiations

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Which of the following tasks might a recruiter do in a day? Select all that apply.

Where do recruiters work?

For a company

Some recruiters work in-house for companies as members of their Human Resources department.

For an agency

Others work for recruiting firms and staffing agencies that handle hiring needs for multiple companies.

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What kind of experience do I need?

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Landing your dream role as a recruiter comes down to a few factors:

  • Educational experience — the most common majors among recruiters are psychology, business, marketing, human resources, and sociology. 

  • Work experience — many recruiters start out in sales. 

  • Certifications — some companies require their recruiters to have a certification, such as LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter, Professional in Human Resources, or Certified Internet Recruiter.

How much do recruiters earn?

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In the United States (U.S.), recruiters make an average salary of $50,924 per year.

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In Canada, recruiters make an average salary of CA $51,012 per year.

You'll love it if...

  • You’re a people person and you love to network. 

  • You can multitask. Recruiters need to manage a lot of things at once.

  • You like helping people find job opportunities they’re passionate about and employers find the perfect candidate.

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Look for another career path if...

  • You prefer to work on one task at a time and can become overwhelmed.

  • You hate unpredictability. In reality, recruiters often face unpredictable situations. Sometimes employers will change their minds about a candidate, or your candidate won’t show up for an interview. 

  • You're not a competitive person. Being a recruiter is only a good fit if you can handle competitive environments. Cartoon image of a Mr. Krabs from Spongebob with an eye twitch.

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