Have you ever thought of becoming a math teacher?

A person good with numbers counting and working out equations in his mind.

If you:

  • are really good with numbers

  • enjoy teaching others

  • are always ready to learn new things...

...then becoming a math teacher could be a fulfilling career for you!

The Job

Math teachers instruct students in mathematical concepts and theories, critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

They teach arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, calculus and many other mathematical subjects.

Teacher and students in a math class. Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Other than teaching, a math teacher is often responsible for:

  • Lesson planning

  • Student assessment

  • Grading

  • Curriculum development

  • Classroom management

  • Parent and administrator communication

  • Professional development

  • Event/activity supervision

There will be days when your schedule is packed and demanding, and other days that are more relaxed.

Phoebe from the show Friends sits on a couch. She says,

The Workplace

Math teachers can be employed at a variety of teaching and learning organizations.

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K-12 Schools

Public or private elementary and high schools will likely have opportunities.

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Higher Education Institutions

Community colleges and universities have many teaching positions available.

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Tutoring Service Providers

Consider working at educational service providers that provide tutoring for individuals or small groups.

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Online Learning Platforms

With the rise of online education, many learning platforms and virtual schools offer opportunities to teach remotely.

The Pay

Salaries of math teachers can vary based on factors such as:

  • work experience

  • qualifications

  • location

  • type of educational institution they work at

United States

Flaticon Icon The average base salary for American math teachers is US $53,043 per year. The range is from US $39,000 to US $81,000.


Flaticon Icon The average base salary for Canadian math teachers is C $63,387 per year. The range is from C $42,000 to C $95,000.

Is It For Me?

A woman who isn't sure. She taps her cheek and tilts her head while she wonders.

Teaching math isn't for everyone.

Consider this career if you:

  • Enjoy working with people

  • Want to make a difference in students' lives

  • Like to challenge yourself

  • Want a stable career

A neon sign that reads,

Look for another job if you:

  • Don't enjoy problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Don't have enough patience and empathy when teaching others

  • Aren't detail-oriented

  • Don't want to spend off-hour time grading and correcting papers

Who's the Best Fit?

Flaticon Icon Kamran

  • Likes working with others

  • Enjoys building things with his hands

  • Dislikes taking on challenges

Flaticon Icon Maeve

  • Enjoys working alone

  • Fluent in 3 languages

  • Is detail-oriented

Flaticon Icon Gina

  • Has excellent problem-solving skills

  • Very patient with others

  • Passionate about math

Flaticon Icon Tyler

  • Likes outdoor activities

  • Writes a blog

  • Prefers remote jobs so he can travel freely


Which of the 4 people above suits the best as a math teacher?

Take Action

Does it sound like teaching math could be a good career for you?

If yes, start building your expertise and qualifications from today onwards!

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