Wondering if you should get into house painting? 🏠

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If you enjoy hands-on projects, working with people to bring their ideas to life, and giving spaces a makeover, becoming a house painter could offer you a canvas of opportunities.

You'd be surprised at how much color would be added to your life (and clothes)!

More Than Meets the Eye 👀

You might think that house painting just needs a paint and brush, but there's more to the art of painting than meets the eye! Painters first protect, then prepare before they paint inside and/or outside surfaces of a house.

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House painting jobs also require communicating with clients, collaborating with other painters (if it's a larger job), and sometimes working with construction professionals.

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In other words, being a house painter isn't just slapping on 2-3 coats of paint, but involves a whole process and set of skills. Both fun and challenge mixed together!

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Which actions could be part of the "prepare" step?

How to Become a Painter

There are different paths that open the door to house painting. Here are some ways you could start and then accomplish your goal:

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Like they say, all roads lead to Rome, so it's up to you which one(s) you choose to take!

How Much Can a House Painter Make?

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In the United States

Average pay: USD $49,350 (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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In Canada

Average pay: CAD $42,546 (according to the Economic Research Institute)

Yay or Nay?

Now that you know more about what it takes to become a house painter, here are some reasons why you might love it or hate it!

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  • Creativity: House painting allows for artistic expression, transforming spaces with color and design. 💡

  • Flexibility and autonomy: Painters often get to set their own schedules and choose what projects they take on. 📆

  • Job variety: Every painting project is unique, with diversity in tasks and challenges. 🪅

  • Visible results: Completing a painting project brings tangible and visually satisfying results, offering a sense of accomplishment. 🔎

  • In-demand skillset: Painting is a skill that is consistently in demand, providing job security and plenty of growth potential. 🔥

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  • Physical demands: The job involves prolonged standing, climbing ladders, and repetitive motions, which can be physically demanding. 💪

  • Weather dependency: Painters often work outdoors, making them vulnerable to weather conditions. 🌧️

  • Chemical exposure: Handling paints and solvents can be a concern for those with sensitivities. 🧪

  • Inconsistent income: Freelance painters can experience income fluctuations. ⚖️

  • Tedious prep work: Painting projects often require detailed preparation, which some people might not enjoy. 🧹


What characteristics or traits should someone consider if wanting to be a house painter? Select all that apply:

Take Action

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If you're interested in becoming a house painter, try out these next steps!


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