School can already be stressful, especially when thinking about how to pay for it. That’s why financial aid officers are needed.

Financial aid officers assist students with their institutional funding needs.

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What do financial aid officers do?

Financial aid officers support students with various financial issues, which can determine their ability to complete school.

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Their daily tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Review students' financial aid applications

  • Assess student financial needs and determine funding eligibility

  • Facilitate between loan programs and the student

  • Review student's accounts and assist with tuition payments

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What does a financial aid officer NOT do?

Where & how they can get work?

Financial aid officers are typically employed at post-secondary institutions.

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To become a financial aid officer, employers require a minimum of a college diploma. There is no specific certification for becoming a financial aid officer, but a business-related diploma is strongly preferred.

The average pay

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In Canada, the average salary is CAD $43,642.

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In the United States of America, the average salary is US $44,816.

What would make someone love the job?

  • You like interacting with students. Financial aid officers spend many hours of their day talking and interacting with students.

  • You're good with numbers. While the job does not require solving complicated analytical problems, having a grasp of basic math is helpful in solving financial calculations.

  • You're a problem solver. Every student is different and may require a unique solution to their financial issues. Financial aid officers can help find resources and think of out-of-the-box answers.

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What would make someone hate it?

  • You dislike conflict. Financial aid officers may need to deliver bad news to students regarding various financial issues. In these instances, they can become the target of a student's frustration and anger.

  • You'd prefer to avoid handling documentation. Financial aid officers deal with a lot of confidential documentation on a daily basis.

  • You don't like sitting at a desk. Financial aid officers are typically at a desk for the majority of their shifts.

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Which traits make for a good financial aid officer?

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