Costume design sounds interesting!

Are you picturing this....

Costume Designer

But all you can do right now is this....

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How do you know if costume design is right for you?

What Do They Do?

  • Create wearable art that tells a story

  • Translate scripts and clothing descriptions into characters we love

  • Innovate with new fashion and technology

  • Create clothing we cannot imagine yet

  • Influence trends with their creations

  • Lead teams to design and produce costumes on a budget

  • Collaborate with directors, set designers, and hair and makeup artists

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Antonio Wingfield brings lavish Mardi Gras costumes to life!

What Might A Typical Day Look Like?

  • Meet with writers and directors to understand their vision for a character costumes

  • Many meetings (10+) before a final decision

  • Design and sew a 1890 men's shirt with 7 buttons, tails, and a hidden monogram

  • Sew 100 more shirts for a scene in a ballroom

  • Create a wedding dress set in the year 2500 on Mars

  • Make a fire-resistant and colour-changing dress

  • Ensure that a team of 5-20 people works seamlessly to meet tight deadlines

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Just a few examples of the outfits you might craft!


Does sewing 1000 beads on a dress seem like a project you would like to do?

But Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon Canada: Average yearly salary for a Costume Designer is $53,625

Flaticon Icon USA: Average yearly salary for a Costume Designer is $58,887

You Will Love It if....

  • Your imagination is your greatest strength and you want to develop it even more.

  • You are willing to put in years of hard work in a competitive field.

  • You have a strong interest in sewing, fabrics, and earning a degree in this subject.

Ruth Carter, the first African American Oscar Winner for Best Costume Design, in 2019 for Black Panther:

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Look For Another Career Path If...

  • You are not comfortable working any time of day to meet tight deadlines.

  • You are not willing to do hard, sometimes repetitive work for days or even weeks.

  • You do not like researching random historical periods, techniques, and cultures.

  • You do not like being behind the scenes.

Costume design is...

99% this...

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Is becoming famous important to you?

Take Action

Do you already have some of the skills needed?

Have you decided to be a costume designer?

Here is a guinea pig to look at while you think! How ridiculous would they look without a costume?

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