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Do you have expert knowledge about something that could help businesses? Do you like giving advice?

Have you ever wondered what a consultant actually does, and if this job would be a good fit for you?

What Do Consultants Do?

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Consultants give expert advice. The consulting process often involves identifying and defining issues, doing research, and recommending solutions.

Many industries benefit from the niche expertise of consultants, for example :

⚖ law firms

⚕️ healthcare

🏛 governmental organizations

📚 academic institutions

🛠 engineering firms

What Are Pros And Cons Of Being A Consultant?

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  • Challenging and rewarding

  • Expand and improve your skills and knowledge

  • Flexibility and freedom

  • Recognition as an expert in the field

  • Opportunity to work with a variety of people

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  • Unstable income and workload

  • Lack of benefits (need to find own insurance)

  • Constant change

  • Pressure to meet project deadlines or risk damaging stakeholder relationships

  • Responsible for own career advancement


Consulting might be a good option for people who like which of the following?

How Do I Become A Consultant?

  • Figure out what you can offer: in what area(s) do you have specialized expertise?

  • An advanced degree (a master's or Ph.D.) may be required

  • Several years of experience is usually necessary to show you're an expert

  • Check out job listings either as a full-time consultant or freelancer

  • Consider consulting as a side gig first to see if it's right for you

  • When you are starting out, search a recruitment platform like Flexjobs or Upwork to find flexible and remote consulting jobs

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How Much Does A Consultant Earn?

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Average pay in the U.S.

  • $66,949/year or $32.82/hour

  • Management consultant: $88,834/yr or $58.87/hour

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Average pay in Canada

  • C$55,066/year or $27.23/hour

  • Management consultant: C$77,934/yr or C$48.54/hour

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