Are you curious about how buildings are built?

Do you enjoy coordinating and connecting different teams, and turning plans into action?

If so, maybe you should consider a career path as a construction manager!

Animation of a construction manager looking at blueprints and overlooking a site.

What does a construction manager do?

  • Plan the construction project by organizing details from start to finish

  • Prepare budgets through cost estimates

  • Connect with other members of the construction team (architects, engineers, trade workers)

  • Coordinate, hire, and supervise subcontractors

  • Prepare progress reports for clients by monitoring daily construction activities

Why is the job of a construction manager important?

Having effective leadership is an essential part of building construction where different people like clients, architects, engineers, and contractors are involved.

A construction manager helps to:

  1. Save money and time on the project

  2. Provide a central point of communication and responsibility

  3. Increase safety on site

  4. Create a team-building environment

  5. Make effective decisions in the face of challenges

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How much could I earn?

Income varies based on the type of contract, expertise, company, location, and national economic conditions. In an average 40 hour week, you can expect to make:


The image shows the flag of Canada. In Canada , the annual income for a construction manager ranges from a median of $85k to a high range of $132k.


The image shows the flag of USA. In the USA , the annual income for a construction manager ranges from a median of $96K to a high range of $163k.

Is this job the right fit for you?

We all look for that one job that aligns with our interests and skills so that we can have an enjoyable career.

You'll like this job if you:

  • Like to work in the building industry

  • Are a good communicator

  • Excel at coordinating and organizing

  • Are adaptable

  • Enjoy being an effective leader

  • Are familiar with construction techniques

  • Can manage risks

  • Are willing to get a university degree

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This may not be the job for you if you:

  • Can't manage stress effectively

  • Don't wish to pursue a college education

  • Are not interested in the industry

  • Wish to avoid facing multiple clients

  • Are not a team player

  • Don't want to be on call 24/7

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Different career paths

If you pursue construction management, you have the option to advance to more specialized roles in this field such as:

  • Surveyor

  • Facilities Manager

  • Building Services Engineer

  • Site Engineer

  • Sustainability Consultant

The image lays out different career paths for construction management (see the audio file below for details) To hear an audio explanation of the image above, click the play button below:

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