Do you like designing solutions to complex application problems?

Are you interested in developing and managing computer systems and integration functions efficiently?

If you answered YES to those questions, then consider a career as a computer systems architect!

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What does a computer systems architect do?

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A computer systems architect plays a huge role in the technical operations of an organization. They're responsible for:

  • designing, developing, and maintaining the organization's computer and network systems.

  • verifying that every part of the system — from small elements like documents to large services like data storage — meets the requirements and needs of the organization.

  • working with a team of engineers and developers to solve any problems in the system with the right design solutions.

How do you qualify to be a computer systems architect?

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  • MinimumBachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

  • PreferredMaster's degree in Business Administration or Information Systems, Doctorate in Computer Architecture

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Certificates and Courses

  • Hardware and software systems certificates

  • Product and service development courses

  • Statistics and calculus courses

  • Banking and finance courses (many systems architect jobs are available in this industry)

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What skills do you need to be a computer systems architect?

Problem Solving and Communication Skills

  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it

  • communicating complex and technical information to non-technical co-workers

Technology Systems and People Skills

  • measuring how well a system is working

  • collaborating with colleagues to figure out how a system should work

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What are the most important skills to be a successful computer systems architect? Select all that apply.

How much does a computer systems architect make?

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The average annual pay for a computer systems architect in the United States is $116,106.

Flaticon Icon The average annual pay for a computer systems architect in Canada is $112,111.

You'll like being a computer systems architect if...

✅ You're a logical thinker and good at solving problems.

✅ You can work well in a team, but just as well independently.

✅ You have great written and verbal communication skills.

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You might not like being a computer systems architect if...

❌ You find it challenging to engage in analysis of the needs and requirements of the product to create a design.

❌ You're unable to define system performance metrics or indicators and actions needed to improve or correct performance relative to system goals.

❌ You find it difficult to learn a programming language.

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