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Clinical psychologists contribute to society by helping people living with mental illnesses. They also help their patients achieve their personal goals.

It takes a lot of education to become a clinical psychologist. Typically, becoming one requires a PhD! Psychologists also need to be licensed in order to practice clinical psychology. 

What Does A Clinical Psychologist Do?

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Clinical psychologists spend a lot of time working directly with their patients. On a typical day a clinical psychologist might:

  • Assess patients in order to diagnose mental illnesses

  • Evaluate psychological issues to identify the best course of treatment

  • Provide therapy to help patients manage their mental illness or reach their goals

  • Write clinical notes and observations

  • Do research


Who might be a good fit as a clinical psychologist?

What Skills Do You Need?

Clinical psychologists need to have excellent interpersonal skills and a strong ability to analyze and interpret what their patients are experiencing.

Do these skills sound like you?

  • Compassion and empathy 

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Listening and interpersonal communication 

  • Strong study skills

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Where Do Clinical Psychologists Work?

Clinical psychologists can work in a wide range of settings. Some of the most common are:

  • Private practice

  • Hospitals/medical centres

  • Schools/universities

  • Non-profit organizations

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But Will It Pay The Bills?

The average salary of a clinical psychologist is:

American Flag Icon $80,932/year (USD) in the United States

Canadian Flag Icon $114,000/year (CAD) in Canada

You Will Love It if...

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  • You love helping people talk through their problems

  • You’re great at being non-judgemental and impartial

  • You’re a great listener

  • You love learning about how brains work

  • You love working hard at school

Consider A Different Career if...

Listening to your friends' problems makes you do this...

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OR school work makes you do this...

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