Is Cartography a Lost Art?

Cartography tells us stories by weaving representations of the world around us into maps.

It is a combination of art, science, and technology.

An old map of the word create in 1794 with detailed scientific calculations, diagrams, and descriptions.

So cartographers make maps? What else do they do?

Cartography Is Timeless

As technology advanced, cartography became digital. Cartography combined its artistic cartographic techniques with the sciences. You use it when you get an Uber, search for a restaurant or check the weather.

A wildfire, a city plan, a digital map, a panda, a smart city, and Telehealth

The Life Of A Cartographer

Cartography is more than map-making.

Cartographers use data to study, design, and produce digital and physical maps for public consumption.

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A Typical Day...

  • Collecting data through on-site surveys, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and reports

  • Storing, evaluating, and updating geographical data

  • Analyzing data using computer and map software

  • Designing cartographic, graphic, and web-based map products

  • Researching background information for analysis and findings

  • Updating and revising existing maps

  • Collaborating with information providers and clients


What are some key skills of a cartographer?

Where Do Cartographers Work?

Flaticon Icon Government

  • Federal government

  • State government

  • Local government

Flaticon Icon Higher Education Institutions

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Institutes of technology

Flaticon Icon Private Sector

  • Engineering firms

  • Consulting firms

  • Architectural firms

Flaticon Icon Non-Profit

  • Conservation and Ecology

  • Museums

  • Land Trusts


Where would a cartographer work?

You’ll Love It If...

  • You love making user-friendly high-quality maps.

  • You're flexible with staying indoors or going into the field.

  • You love being challenged by learning new methods and techniques.

  • You're willing to get a degree in cartography, geography, or computer science.

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Look For Something Else If...

  • You dislike the process of keeping up with changing cartographic technologies.

  • You hate making constant revisions to your work.

  • You dislike researching information and collecting data from various sources for one project.

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Qualities Of A Cartographer

Who is most likely to go into cartography?

Flaticon Icon Amelia

  • writes fiction

  • seeks out challenges at work

  • creates maps for fun

Flaticon Icon Benjamin

  • likes working on his own

  • prefers to specialize in one field

  • volunteers to plant trees in local parks

Flaticon Icon Hasan

  • codes in three different programming languages

  • believes in life-long learning

  • has worked in several fields


Whose skill set is similar to that of a Cartographer's?

Salary Expectations

Flaticon Icon The average salary of cartographers in Canada is $87,619.

Flaticon Icon The average salary of cartographers in the United States is $65,470.

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