So. You're about to graduate high school.

Ok, then! Are you ready...

...for another 2-4 years of being in a classroom all day?

...for sitting inside all day? work a dead-end minimum wage job?


Then you should become a bricklayer!👇

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What Does A Bricklayer Do?

In order to build or repair structures, floors, or walls made of brick, you'll:

mason with mortar and trowel

  • measure and plan the work area

  • read blueprints and plans

  • mix mortar by machine or hand

  • use hand and power tools to lay the mortar and bricks

  • check work for accuracy using measuring devices

  • work as part of a construction team on a work site

Laying Out The Pros And Cons

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The bennies!

  • Can begin work quickly

  • You get to work outside

  • The pay is good

  • You can start your own business

  • You get to build things

  • International mobility for work

  • It's a recession-proof job

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Keeping it real

  • Requires apprenticing

  • Working in hot and cold weather

  • Physically demanding

  • Requires continuous upskilling

  • Low pay to start as a rookie brickie

  • Some worksites can have risks

Will I Be Stacking 💰💰 AND Bricks?

You might not make a lot of money to start with but your earning potential increases greatly with experience and skills.

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Average Salary in Canada

C$ 60,000 per year

Hourly average C$ 35.00

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Avg. Salary in the U.S.

US$ 47,710 per year

Hourly average US$ 22.94

If you ever want to start your own business, masonry is a good way to make that happen.

OK! Where Do I Start?

  1. Graduate high school

  2. Get an entry-level apprenticeship

  3. Get any necessary trade licenses (required in some provinces and states)

  4. Attend vocational school to increase your skills and prospects

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