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Cover letters are an important piece of the hiring journey!

Did you know that over 80% of hiring managers believe that cover letters are important in their decision to hire employees?

This is especially true for companies with over 100 employees, who are twice as likely than small businesses to consider cover letters as highly important.

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes so you can land a job.

Do NOT be too casual

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Remember that a cover letter is a FORMAL document!

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  • Address the reader personally by using their name ("Dear Mr. Jones,..." or "Dear Adam,...")

  • If you don't know the name of the reader, address them using a formal, neutral phrase ("Dear Hiring Manager,...")

  • Use proper language, grammar, and spelling

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  • Forget or choose not to address those who will read your cover letter

  • Use informal language or slang words

What to NOT include in a Cover Letter

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  1. Don't include information that isn't relevant to the job you are applying to. Employers don't want to read additional information that doesn't help them understand more about you and what you'll bring to the team.

  2. Don't add incorrect or untrue information. Your cover letter should match your resume because employers will question you based on this. They want to verify your information.

  3. Spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Always review your work!

Do NOT forget to stand out

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Make sure you stand out against all other candidates!

  • Make sure you're not too generic. Use real life examples that highlight skills and traits you have utilized previously, that will contribute to your success in this new role!

  • Accentuate all key successes, achievements, and positive outcomes that you want the hiring managers to know.

  • Don't use the same cover letter for each position you apply for. This is easily detectable by hiring managers, and shows that you haven't taken the initiative to want to stand out against the rest.

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