A direct path from high school to college or university isn't for everyone.

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Have you ever thought about taking a gap year?

Set Your Goals

What do you want to do with your gap year? Some possible goals could be:

  • Explore a career option

  • Learn a new skill (language, music, carpentry)

  • Save money for college

  • Travel (international or domestic)

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Start Your Research

There are lots of reputable organizations that will organize a whole gap year for you, but they're not the only option.

Once you have your goals in mind, find out:

  • Do you want to work or volunteer?

  • Where do you want to go to?

  • When do you want to leave/return?

  • Is there a specific organization who can help you meet your goals?

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Consider Your Finances

Not all gap years need to be expensive. You can take a DIY approach instead of having a company do it all for you.

Some potential ways to save money:

  • Work at home the first half of the year and then travel the second half

  • Volunteer in exchange for room and board

  • Apply for scholarships or fellowships

  • Apply for jobs in a new location

Help Flora Plan A Gap Year

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Flora is from Canada and wants to have a career working with animals.

She thinks she can save about $4,000, wants to travel to a new country, and would love to learn a new language.

What should she do with her gap year?

A. Stay home and save money for college.

B. Find a reputable company that charges around $3,000 to volunteer with Sea Turtles and take Spanish lessons in Costa Rica.

C. Spend $10,000 traveling to 10 European countries in 8 weeks.

D. Work at a local zoo.


What should Flora do on her gap year?

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