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Have you ever used a product that didn't behave the way it was expected to?

A Lead Quality Engineer's role is to ensure that when customers receive a deliverable (a finished product), its actual functionality matches the expectation.

I work as a Lead Quality Engineer at Gore Mutual. I'm here to tell you about the role so you can decide if it's the right career for you.

What I Do & How I Got Here

The work I do in part involves developing quality strategies that align with my company's objectives and then ensuring they're executed by the appropriate people to validate the results.

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Remember: career paths aren't always linear!

I started out as a Personal Lines Underwriter, took some time off when my children were young, returned to underwriting 8 years later, and then moved into Business Analysis.

I enjoyed the quality aspect of delivering applications and moved into the Lead Quality Engineer role.

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Let's take a look at what I do in a day!

Examine Business Priorities

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A huge part of my job is looking at different business priorities to confirm that they align with company objectives.


If you were delivering a pen to a customer, how would you determine it's working as the customer would expect? Select all that apply:

Determine Quality Goals

I work with Business Analysts and Developers to ensure everyone is on the same page as the work progresses.


What are some effective ways to make sure that everyone is working toward a common goal?

Collaborate to Achieve Desired Outcomes

Knowing the desired outcome for the deliverable, work with the testing team to ensure that test cases validate every aspect of the item to be delivered.


What does collaborate mean in a business environment?

Take Action

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If you want to work in a career like mine, take these steps:


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