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Do you ever wonder if there’s a good ChatGPT alternative out there?

After its boom, it might seem as if ChatGPT is the one and only AI for play and work. However, there are plenty of other AI services that can do just as much, if not more —or better — than our beloved (or beloathed?) ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Alternative #1: Microsoft Bing Chat

Microsoft’s Bing Chat has what ChatGPT lacks the most: access to the internet. ChatGPT's database comes from anything on the web up through 2021, while the Bing Chat can get instant access to the web.

No matter your query, you will always get up-to-date answers and a list of resources as well as related questions.

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Despite the limit of 30 questions per session and 100 every day, the Bing Chat has other two features worth trying: Compose and Insights.


Use this integrated AI text generator with customizable tones and lengths that you can place directly on a website.

A screenshot of the Compose tool from Microsoft Bing.


Get additional information while you browse the web in real time and expand your knowledge.

A screenshot of the Insights tool from Microsoft Bing.

Chat GPT Alternative #2: Chatsonic

Chatsonic is literally described as a “ChatGPT alternative with superpowers” and it’s true!

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  • Has access to the web and the latest trends regarding any topic

  • Up to 13 different tones of conversation (friendly, professional, casual, etc.)

  • App and Chrome extension available

  • Remembers every conversation from start to finish

  • AI image generator

The only downside is that the free version gives you just 10,000 words each month. If you want more, prices start at $12.67 USD per month for 100,000 words.

Chat GPT Alternative #3: Google BARD

Google BARD uses a different technology than the previous 2 alternatives—that rely on ChatGPT.

FYI: The previous two alternatives use ChatGPT's technology and take it to the next level. Google BARD uses its own AI.

Flaticon Icon The Upsides

  • Better memory

  • More formats to export created content

  • Improved understanding and processing

Flaticon Icon The Downsides

  • Only one conversation

  • Prone to inaccuracies

  • Better for having conversations than for solving problems

Chat GPT Alternative #4: Humata

Humata is the ChatGPT alternative you need if you're concerned about your online privacy and want a focused AI. Humata only answers and generates content based on the input you provide.

A screenshot of Humata's homepage for desktop.

For example:

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Karla needs to study from five different books and is overwhelmed by all the information.

With Humata, Karla can upload everything and get specific answers, summaries, conclusions, and queries that relate only to the books she uploaded and nothing else!

The only downside of Humata is that you can only upload 60 pages with the free version.


Matt uses AI to write work emails. Which alternatives for ChatGPT would be most useful for Matt? Select all that apply.

Chat GPT Alternative #5: Quora Poe

Want to try several alternatives and don’t know where to start? Quora Poe has you covered.

Quora Poe isn’t an AI itself but rather a platform that grants you simultaneous access to the main AI chatbots.

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You can try the same prompt at different times to see what gets you the best result and see for yourself how answers vary from one AI to the other. This will help you find the option that suits you best.

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