It's time to give study groups a try!

Are you tired of staring at your textbooks alone and feeling like your study sessions don't produce the results you want?

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Being part of a collaborative study group (CSG) will "build and deepen [your] understanding through inquiry" and improve your classroom performance.

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What is collaborative learning?

  • In a collaborative learning environment, learners work in small groups to ensure that everyone participates in activities or learning tasks.

  • Learners may work together on a shared task or work on separate assignments that lead to a common end result.

Get ready to improve your grades and enjoy learning with your peers!

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Study groups can be your secret weapon!

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But how can studying with peers help you? Studying together towards a common goal has many advantages:


Having support from other students will help you to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

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Being part of a CSG will encourage you to participate fully in class and stay up to date on assignments, turn in projects on time, and prepare for tests without cramming.

Meeting at set times when in a study group can help avoid procrastinating as you are depending on one another.

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Learn new study skills and habits

Taking part in study groups allows an opportunity to observe and try a wide range of study techniques.

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Improve communication

You can strengthen your understanding of the material and communication skills by explaining information to the other group members. Interaction between group members makes learning more fulfilling and enjoyable.

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Strengthening soft skills

When working in groups, you clarify ideas, go over previous content, share ideas, and dispute or explain reasons to each other. Leadership skills and teamwork can open doors!

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Chris tends to procrastinate. How can he benefit from joining a study group? Select all that apply:

But how can you create a successful CSG?

Choose your group or partners wisely!

Look out for students who seem engaged in the material, pay attention, and ask questions. Choose students who share your objectives, passions, and work ethic.

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Decide on your goals

Do you need help to prepare for a test or get a good term mark? Or do you need help from others to understand class work or share ideas and study tips?

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Establish roles

Consider each member's strengths and decide on specific roles and responsibilities.

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Figure out the logistics

Establish a meeting schedule and preferred location.

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Watch the video below for more tips on how to make the most out of study groups:


You participate in a study group that gets together once every three weeks to discuss the major points of the unit you're all studying. Is this a good goal for a study group?

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