After a customer gets to your product page one of two scenarios might take place:

Either this: Futurama Buy GIF

Or this: I Dont Believe You Drag Race GIF by Robert E Blackmon

One of the key factors that help a customer decide on a purchase is a good product description.

A good product description:

  • clearly explains your product to the customers

  • persuades them to buy

  • speaks for you

Focus On Your Target Customer

Target your audience directly and personally through the product description.

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Be specific!

Research your target audience and match the product description to the customer persona as closely as possible.


Which of the following target audience data should Joey take into consideration while writing a product description for his new product: an automatic social media scrolling device?

Focus On Product Benefits

Think about the following points from a customer's perspective:

  • What's in it for me?

  • Is it going to solve my problems?

  • Is this product worth buying?

  • What makes this product special?

Season 3 The One With The Race Car Bed GIF by Friends Answer these crucial questions in your product description!

Use Proper Tone

Use an appropriate tone. How would you communicate if you were selling the product in person?

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Think outside the box! Instead of using generic keywords, be yourself and connect with your customers.


Monica is currently working on a product description to sell healthy cookies. Which of the following features should she consider if her audience is athletes?

Take Action

It's time to create your own engaging product description:

Your first order is only one click away!

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