You did it! You've been applying for months and finally got an interview at your dream job. Now it's time to prepare for the inevitable: interview questions.

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Being confident in your answers can help ease the tension! Let's explore a common interview question together: "What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?"

Why Is This Question Asked?

Interviewers commonly ask this question to gain insight into a candidate's organizational skills, time management abilities, and overall work habits.

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Employers want to hire people who work efficiently and have strong time management skills. They are hoping to learn more about the candidate's approach to organization and whether they use any tools or techniques to stay on top of their work.

In today's rapidly changing work environments, it's important that interviewers see that you can adapt to new technologies relating to their company!


What should you focus on when you answer this question? Select all that apply:

Tools & Techniques To Mention

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  • To-do lists: Discussing to-do lists shows the interviewer that you can prioritize and organize your work. This also shows that you're able to handle multiple tasks at once!

  • Calendars: A good way to show your interviewer that you can manage your time effectively is by discussing your calendar. Deadlines, meetings, and appointments? No problem — they're all organized on your calendar!

  • Apps & management tools: Using technology to help you stay organized is key. Mention apps or management tools that you use such as Evernote or OneNote.


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  • Setting timers: Discussing how you time your tasks demonstrates your sense of urgency. It also shows how you measure productivity, and how effectively you manage your time.

  • Taking breaks: Taking short breaks prevents burnout and improves concentration. This shows the interviewer that you can balance your work and energy.

  • Delegation: Delegating tasks to colleagues shows the interviewer that you can see "the big picture." You have a clear understanding of goals and deadlines — and you ask for help when you need it!

Example Answer

"To keep myself organized, I utilize a combination of techniques and tools. Firstly, I maintain a digital calendar. I keep track of my meetings, appointments, and deadlines. This helps me visualize commitments and allocate my time effectively.

I also use many to-do lists throughout my day. I set short and long term goals, and keep track of my progress using to-do lists. Checking the tasks off my list helps me feel accomplished and productive!

Lastly, I use a note taking app, EverNote, to help me organize information across multiple devices. This makes it easy to categorize my information."

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You want to include some techniques in your answer to highlight your productivity. Which technique(s) could you talk about?

Take Action

When asked this interview question, including a variety of the tools and techniques above is key. Show the interviewer that you're versatile, organized, and efficient!

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