Amelia graduated college a month ago and just received a call to set up an interview for a role as a customer success specialist. She is excited about this great entry level opportunity.

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The issue is, Amelia isn’t sure how to best answer common interview questions, as this is her first interview post-college. Amelia needs to learn an effective strategy for answering interview questions right away!

What Is the C.A.R. Method?

Amelia does some research about interview techniques, and she stumbles upon the C.A.R. method, which stands for Challenge, Action, and Result.

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  • Challenge: Reflect on a problem you solved or improvement you made in the past related to a desired trait or skill you need for the role you are interviewing.

  • Action: Explain how you handled the challenge by highlighting the desired skills or traits you demonstrated here.

  • Result: Discuss how your actions positively impacted your organization, preferably in numbers — think about any time or money you saved.

How Do I Craft a Response?

Amelia wants to ensure she's prepared to use the C.A.R. method before her interview.

She completes the following in order to prepare:

  • Reads job descriptions

  • Reviews the company websites of potential employers

  • Researches potential interview questions

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Amelia then uses her research to brainstorm a challenge she encountered as a team lead at an ice cream shop. In order to effectively do this Amelia must consider the following.

  • Her role

  • The context of the situation

  • Difficult aspects of her achievement


Amelia sees that one of the top skills listed for the position is problem solving. Which example from her work experience at an ice cream shop would be most relevant?

Preparation Is Key

What other steps can Amelia take to ensure that she is confident and prepared to speak to her skills?

  • Write down sample responses using C.A.R. for several common interview questions.

  • Practice, practice, practice! She can practice in front of a mirror and even record herself responding to the questions.

  • Practice without her notes to ensure she appears natural.

  • Keep her responses short and to the point.

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It's the night before Amelia’s interview. She has crafted several sample answers using the C.A.R. method for a few of the most common interview questions. How should Amelia further prepare for her interview? Select all that apply:

The C.A.R. Method in Action

Amelia carefully reviews the job description she applied to in order to prepare for the interview. She notes the top skills needed for the position.

Amelia then begins work on a sample response that uses the C.A.R. method. Let's see how it works during her interview.

Take Action

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Amelia successfully used the C.A.R. technique and made a great impression in her interview! Now it's your turn!


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