Do you dream of goals that seem beyond your reach?

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You can live the life of your dreams by achieving any goal. All you really need to get there is a clear, succinct plan!

There are several ways you can plan your goals, but a flow chart is one of the best planning options. A flowchart can:

  • Improve efficiency in your planning

  • Help track your progress

  • Streamline your focus

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What Is A Flow Chart?

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It's a clear illustration of any process, no matter how basic or complicated.

Depending on what you want to accomplish with a flow chart, it could be anything from a simple hand-drawn diagram to an intricate computer-drawn schematic.

When planning your goal using a flow chart, you'll use three basic symbols:


A rectangle with four curved corners. This is where you write down your goal.


A rectangle You use it to record independent steps to achieve your goal.


An upwards pointing arrow It shows the direction of your actions.

How Useful Is A Flow Chart?

Here's an example of a hypothetical goal:

"Gain a solid reputation at my place of employment within two months."

A three tier process with goal at the top, primary actions at the middle, and supporting actions at the bottom. Image By Satarupa Das Majumder

As illustrated above, your goal-planning could benefit from a flow chart in the following ways:

  • It's easy to locate specific steps in the process.

  • The directional flow specifies where to start and terminate.

  • The linear flow makes it simpler to track progress.

How To Draw A Flow Chart

A flow chart is a fantastic tool for breaking down any goal, small or big, into 3 manageable steps

Step 1

Write down your goal at the top of the flow chart, like this:

Goal is written at the top of the flowchart. Image by Satarupa Das Majumder

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  • Brainstorm and find the three most crucial (primary) actions to achieve your goal

  • Create new branches in the flowchart.

Goal is at the top of the flowchart and primary actions are branching out of it. Image by Satarupa Das Majumder

Repeat step 1 for each additional branch until you are satisfied that these steps will fulfill your goal.

Complete flow chart to plan your goal. Goal is at the top, primary actions in the middle, supporting actions at the bottom. Image by Satarupa Das Majumder

The Next Steps

Step 2

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Examine each step of the flowchart and decide why you aren't performing it. Once you know the process and your pain points, it becomes easier to take action.

Step 3

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Share your plan with a responsible party (person/team) and give it a due date to track progress.

Tools To Create A Flow Chart

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A flow chart can be made using many different tools. For example, you can start by using Excel or try an online app such as Lucidchart.

However, using pen and paper is an easy way to plan your goals using a flow chart because:

  • It's affordable.

  • You can work on it whenever and wherever.

  • Ideas flow more quickly on paper.

Meet Raj

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Raj is a junior manager at his company. He wants to position himself as a successful leader within three years through the company's newly launched in-house mentoring program.

Raj created the following flow chart to plan his long-term goal using pen and paper.

Goal: successful leader. Primary action: provide substantive feedback. Support action: communicate directly with compassion. Image by Satarupa Das Majumder


Should Raj have someone else verify his flowchart?

Things To Remember

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  • You can plan any goal, long-term or short-term, using a flowchart.

  • If your goal is complicated, break it into small chunks.

  • Goals need to be specific, for example:

🚫 Not Specific

I'll be rich by the time I retire.


I'll have X amount by the age of Y through a, b, and c actions.

Take Action

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If you want to take charge of your life, make a plan for your goals right away!


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