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You can be a proud college graduate someday!

Before you get there, you need to choose the right college so you can:

  • get the best possible education

  • prepare for a future career

Determine The Pros And Cons

To start, make a list of the pros and cons of your possible college choices.

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Some factors to consider:

  • location

  • admission rate

  • graduation rate

  • course availability

  • cost

  • extracurricular activities

  • school size

  • quality of professors

Research College Connections

Which college has the best connections for your post-college career?

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Most people find jobs through networking — as much as 85% of jobs come from professional and personal contacts!

A good college network will help you find job connections and internships after you graduate.


You're choosing between 3 colleges. You're looking for the one that will offer the most valuable connections. You should take into consideration each college's:


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Is your college education affordable? Take a look at the cost of:

  • tuition

  • transportation

  • medical care

  • housing

  • books and supplies

  • food

Make A Top 5 List

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Make a Top 5 list of colleges that you believe are the right ones based on:

  • pros and cons

  • connections

  • cost

Rank your potential colleges in descending order, from most to least preferable.

Take Action

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Now is the moment of truth!

Review your Top 5 list but also take a deeper look at each college's:

Is your top college still the best option, or is there a better choice?


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