Some time back, I rented a studio apartment in downtown Montreal. It was delightful and sophisticated, complete with brand-new appliances, but petite at just 400 square feet. I opted for chic and convenient over ample and ordinary.

Though I loved it, I was worried about my cats, Bella and Penny, who were used to a more extensive living area with a balcony. Now they had to adapt to living in a "cozy" apartment all day.

Bella is a black and white tuxedo cat and Penny is a white and ginger Scottish Fold. Both have medium-length coats.

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As a cat owner in a small living space, I brainstormed ideas to help my cats adjust to the limited space available.

1. Cat Tree for Climbing

My apartment was small but had high ceilings, so I got a tall cat tree that fit perfectly between the floor and ceiling. As shown in the video below, it gave my cats a nice vertical place to climb, play, and relax without taking up much space.

2. Cat Perch

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Bella and Penny adore their cat hammock pet perches. During the day, I'd often find them napping or looking down at the courtyard below. The window adhesives hold on nicely and easily to support my cats' weight. Even cats a little heavier than them, or small dogs, could enjoy this too. 

Even though I no longer live in that tiny apartment in Montreal, I still put one of them up in the living room because they love it so much!

Bella and Penny sitting on their perch anchored on the window.

3. Pet Bed

Many cats have an affinity for boxes, and a cozy pet bed can be easily crafted using a medium-sized one and a soft pillow. During the holiday season, you could even wrap it in festive paper to add some cheer to your home.

If you're short on floor space, consider keeping it in a closet as a private retreat for your feline friend.

4. Pet Stroller

Bella loves to be out of the apartment, but, like most apartments, cats aren't allowed to roam free in the hallways. I decided to meet her halfway with a pet stroller that would enable her to explore different places and be in new spaces without leaving the stroller.

Here's Penny in the stroller modeling for us:

Bella out for a stroll

Once outside the building, there was a courtyard where I could take her while she stayed in the safety of her pet stroller.

5. A Functional Litter Box

Before moving, my cats each had their own litter box, but they had to share one when we moved.

This dome-shaped litter box kept the smell of the litter inside because its lid had a filter.

Dome-shaped littler box

You can also get litter boxes to function as end tables or extra table space in the bathroom.

Table with litter box built in

Although a small litter box can work for two cats, you'll need to clean it out more often so it doesn't get too dirty for them.


Jenny just moved into her first apartment. It's cute but very "cozy" with low ceilings. She loves it but is worried that her cat won't. What are some things she can get to help her cat feel comfortable in her small apartment?

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A contented feline brings joy to any household. Giving cats the utmost care is a wonderful way of showing them the love they deserve!

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