You have a job interview! You're very excited. One minor issue — you're pregnant.

Very. Obviously. Pregnant.

A pregnant woman talking on a phone in a waiting room looking stressed

If you weren't showing, you'd just...not mention it until after you have an offer. But that isn't an option for you this time.

What do you do?

While pregnancy discrimination in hiring is illegal in many places, there are still biases against pregnant job seekers that you may need to address in the interview.

Interview Preparation Tips

Flaticon Icon What To Wear

  • Dress appropriately and professionally, just like in any interview.

  • Wear clothing that fits well for your current shape.

  • An open blazer or cardigan that covers up your baby bump can help keep the focus on you and your accomplishments.

  • Wear professional, comfortable shoes that you can stand and walk in. Flats may be better than heels for balance.

Flaticon Icon What To Do

  • If you have a choice, pick the time you'll feel your best.

  • Leave plenty of time to stop at the restroom before you arrive.

  • If you're experiencing nausea, take any medications or eat foods that help you feel better.

  • Keep a quick snack in your bag. It's better to take a bite than to get sick or end early.


What are the best ways to prepare for your interview? Choose all that apply.

What Do You Say?

A good interviewer knows not to ask inappropriate or illegal questions, but even the best interviewer will still want some basic information about your plans and schedule.


  • Let them know approximately when the baby is due.

  • Confirm you have (or will be making) a plan for childcare.

  • Confirm you'll be returning to work after maternity leave.


Nikki Minaj saying,

  • Talking about how hard it is being pregnant.

  • Expressing uncertainty about returning to work.

  • Asking about their medical benefits or parental leave. That's important, but it's for after they've offered you the job.

  • Talking about family and kids too much. Keep the focus on work, your accomplishments, and your ability to rock at the job.

Sample Conversations

You want to prevent this from happening:

A pregnant Marge Simpson telling Homer about her pregnancy. Homer tears his hair out and runs away.

Here are some effective ways to answer pregnancy questions!

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Interviewer: (looking uncomfortably at your pregnant belly) Hello, nice to meet you...

You: It's so nice to meet you! As you may have noticed, I'm pregnant, and my due date is mid-November.

Flaticon Icon Interviewer: How do you plan to come back to work after the baby is born?

You: I'm absolutely committed to my role and will be setting up child care so I can focus on work.

Flaticon Icon Interviewer: Do you plan on having more children? Will your husband be helping with the baby?

You: Oh! I'm still figuring out a lot of details, so let's not get into all of that today. Let me tell you more about an important project I worked on.

Now It's Your Turn!

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Interviewer: What's been the most difficult situation you've dealt with in the past year?

Choose the best response:

A: Being pregnant and working is really hard! I've been sick so much.

B: Juggling doctor's appointments with client appointments has been difficult, but it's really helped my time management skills.

C: I was promoted to a project manager role and handled one of our biggest projects this year. It was an overall success but it wasn't simple. I learned a lot.

D: Interviewing for jobs while pregnant has been a real challenge.


What's the best answer?

Take Action

A pregnant woman in office clothing dancing in a studio

Don't be afraid to apply for a new job while pregnant if that's the best option for you!

There are a lot of working parents out there. What you're doing is not uncommon.

Following these tips will help you nail the interview:


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