Ryan is just about to graduate college and wants to find a job related to his studies in dentistry. He has never had a job as a dental assistant but knows that his resume will have to be tailored to the skills he learned at school.

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Ryan decides that a creating skills-based resume is best for highlighting his education, skills, and experiences. It's a good option for people with little job experience, who are changing careers, or have gaps in their work history .

Include Contact Information

Flaticon Icon Add your name, address, phone number, and email to your resume.

If you don't feel comfortable putting your whole address, write the city and state/province.

Here's how Ryan formatted this section :

Image of contact information template, with name, address, city, state, phone number, and email

Include a Summary of your Qualifications (SOQ)

Flaticon Icon Add skills specific to the job you want to apply for, as mentioned in the job description.

Here's an example of a dental assistant's responsibilities :

Dental assistant's job description. It focuses on customer service, technical and organizational skills, and x-ray admin. Here's how Ryan formatted his Summary of Qualifications (SOQ) to incorporate skills from the job description:

Ryan's qualifications in a bullet list. He focuses on customer service, charting, sterilization, and assisting.


One of the responsibilities mentioned in the job Ryan is applying for is taking x-rays. He's certified to take x-rays but is still nervous about executing this skill. How can he include this information in his resume?

Include Work Experience

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Add paid, volunteer, and/or internship experiences. This should comprise:

  • job title

  • company name and dates worked

  • summary of duties: quantify your duties to show your achievements and build credibility

Here is how Ryan formatted this section to highlight his achievements:

Ryan's experience section. He summarizes his job as a cashier at a fast food restaurant.

Include Education Experience

Image of sample education section from resume Add your most current education first, with the following information:

  • degree/diploma title

  • date (or expected date) of graduation

  • name of school and location (city and state)

Here is how Ryan formatted this section to list his education and credentials: Ryan's education section. He lists his college degree in Dental Assisting & high school diploma.


Ryan is in his final year of college, and is expected to graduate with his degree in February, 2022. Should he include this information in his resume?

Take Action

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Be like Ryan, and create a skills-based resume to apply for the job you want!


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