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You're looking for a job and see all kinds of positions that interest you!

Why not reach out to a recruiter directly to find open positions that fit your skill-set and experience?

Contact The Right Recruiter

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  • Research the recruiter before contacting them — review their LinkedIn profile and recommendations.

  • Look out for recruiting scams avoid recruiters whose email is from a free website.

  • Watch for evasive recruiters who are vague about the job you're interested in.

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  • Begin contacting recruiters without a plan.

  • Give them private information like salary history, personal history, or send them money before applying.

  • Pursuejobs that sound too good to be true or offer unrealistic salaries.

  • Accept a job offer without an interview.

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The recruiter is telling you that the job is perfect for you and you don't need an interview.

Reach Out To Recruiters

  • Join relevant groups on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to find recruiters.

  • Network with recruiters in professional groups related to your field.

  • Email recruiters for the best chances of getting in touch or contact a company via social media and ask them for a recruiter’s contact information.

  • Send a direct message if you're unable to get an email address.

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  • Research a company you're interested in applying for a job with.

  • Address the recruiter by name, explain why you're reaching out and what your objective is.

  • Tell the recruiter what attracts you to the company — a specific campaign or product you saw — and emphasize your interest in joining the team.

  • Include basic information — your name, where you currently work (if working), your professional background, and career plans.

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  • Send a generic or long message — keep it tailored to the position and under 2 minutes of reading time.

  • Be vague in describing what you want in a position.

  • Speak poorly of your current employer or past employers.

  • Forget to offer several times when you're available to speak with the recruiter.

  • Forget to find something in common with the recruiter such as schools attended.

Writing An Effective Message

Flaticon Icon Introduction:

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Last name of the hiring manager],

I am writing to you to express my interest in the [position] currently available at ABC Company.  I believe that I am an excellent fit for this position because I have [list your experience and background].

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Flaticon Icon Restate your qualifications:

I believe that after you have reviewed my application and resume you will see that I possess an excellent skill set which matches your requirements perfectly.

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Flaticon Icon Offer times to speak with a recruiter:

I was hoping you might have a few minutes to discuss the roles you are recruiting for over the phone this week.  I am available [list times and days you are available].

Listen below for an audio recording:

Flaticon Icon Closing:

If you have any further questions or require additional documentation, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Take Action

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Recruiters are on the lookout for candidates like you!


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