So you're planning an event!

You know the what, the when, and the who. But the where is a little more tricky.

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With so many options, how do you choose?

What Are The Venue Must-Haves For A Successful Event?

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Start by making a list of must-haves (necessity) vs. like-to-haves (optional).

You should consider:

  • Activities — games, presentations, yoga, dancing, dining, mingling, etc.

  • Equipment and/or services — tables, chairs, catering, lighting, PA system, whiteboard, pool, ramp, etc.

  • Size — small vs. large, modest vs. extravagant, family BBQ vs. corporate, conference vs. music festival

Focus! A lot of like-to-haves on the list can distract you.

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Jane is planning a 2 hour CPR training session for 15 new staff members. Which of these would be a must-have for the event venue?

How Much Space Will You Need?

Match the venue capacity to the event activities.

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  1. The number of participants

  2. The amount of space needed for activities

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Use this rule of thumb to calculate the space you need:

  • Six square feet (6 sq ft) per person for a standing crowd

  • Eight square feet (8 sq ft) per person for mixed seated and standing crowd

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Popular venue types:

Small events: restaurants, bars, sports clubs, small office, backyard deck, community centers

Large event: stadiums, arenas, conference/business centers, hotels, parks


You're planning a cocktail hour for 50 people, who will all be standing. How big should your event space be?

Do You Even Need A Venue?

Why not host your event virtually?

Whether it's a cooking class, yoga session, business meeting, or marketing event, there are creative ways to adapt your event to a virtual platform.

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The essentials for a virtual event venue are:

  • a computer with a mic and webcam

  • reliable internet

  • A virtual event technology tool such as virtual event websites, event registration technology, video conferencing platforms, event apps, live-streaming software, digital video equipment, webinar platforms, event marketing software, etc.

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Take Action

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Follow these basics to get your event venue search going:


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