The interview process is almost over. 

One of the last questions they ask is “Why should we hire you?”

And you freeze. 

Woman looking shocked with the letter

You’re thinking: 

  • "Because I need a job." 

  • "Because I’m a hard worker and I get things done." 

  • "I have no idea. But please hire me anyway."

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This is your opportunity to sell yourself. 

How you respond can change the way the interviewer sees you and the value you can bring to the role. 

They want to know that little extra thing that makes you uniquely suited to do the job.

How can you respond in a way that’s compelling and memorable?

Research What They Want

Flaticon Icon Study the job posting: What are the education, skills, experience and qualities they’re looking for in an ideal candidate?

Flaticon Icon Research the company: What is the company’s mission, vision, values, and culture?

Flaticon Icon Ask questions & actively listen during the interview: What did you learn about the work environment, and the goals and challenges of the job, team, and department?

Connect What They Want To What You Have

Your response should: 

  • Link to key things the company said they wanted

  • Be specific

  • Tell a story

Ask yourself:

  1. What do you have that they want

  2. What do you have that would add value

  3. What gives you a unique perspective

  4. What do you have that makes you different from everyone else applying for this role? 

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What you have is going to be unique to you AND one or a combination of your: 

  • Skills

  • Education

  • Personal qualities

  • Work or life experience

3 Different People, 3 Different Responses

Here's how three different people applying to the same remote customer service job responded to “Why should we hire you?”

Flaticon Icon Aish

I have two years experience working with customers in a very similar fast-paced environment. I've learned that not everyone is suited to working in that type of environment or interacting with people all day every day, but I seem to thrive with both. And, I’m a proactive, take action kind of person. I know how to get things done with very little supervision so I can be an asset to the team quickly.

Flaticon Icon Jade

I have what it takes to fill the requirements of this job from both a workspace and technical standpoint. I’m already set up with an office space that’s private and quiet for confidentiality so I’m ready to go. And when it comes to literacy using and navigating around a broad range of devices I’d say I have above average skills in that area. I seem to be the go-to tech support person for my friends and family when it comes to exactly that so I’m very used to guiding people who aren’t as savvy.

Flaticon Icon Gemma

You mentioned that it’s important to be able to engage with customers professionally across a variety of channels. I’m very comfortable interacting via phone, video, email, texting, chat, whatever their preference. Through my experience as a swim instructor I used a variety of channels to keep parents and students informed and quickly learned the importance of being friendly and professional, but most importantly, clear in my communications.


Which of the above 3 candidates has a response that will get them hired?

Take Action

If you get asked “Why should we hire you?” in an interview, how will you respond?

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