Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what questions you'd be asked in your next job interview?

In a job interview, you have to be prepared to answer any question — even ones like, "Which animal best describes you?"

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It may sound a bit strange, but this question is a favorite amongst interviewers. Think of it asan invitation to showcase your qualities and skillsin a creative way.

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How Can You Approach This?

  • Think about a quality or skill that's valuable for the job you've applied for, then think of an animal that fits that characteristic.

  • Name the animal, then explain the quality or skill that is similar between you and the animal, making sure to connect it back to the job.

  • Ask for a moment if you feel you need some time to think about your answer.

  • Try to avoid clichéd responses like, "I would be a wolf because they like to work as a team in packs."

  • Keep your answer simple, focused, and brief .

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Which Animal Should You Choose?

Choose an animal with positive traits thatfit well with the position you've applied for. Consider these examples:

Isla — Line Cook

Flaticon Icon "Like a hippopotamus,I am stable and adaptable.I am able to accurately execute assigned tasks in extremely fast-paced kitchens, and keep my cool in stressful situations."

Flaticon Icon Key traits:

  • Stable

  • Adaptable

Paul — Sales Representative

Flaticon Icon "Like a dolphin,I am social and collaborative.I am proficient at making connections with potential clients with the knowledge of the products that I am selling, and working well with other sales representatives on larger clients."

Flaticon Icon Key traits:

  • Social

  • Collaborative

Everton — Editor-In-Chief

Flaticon Icon "Like an eagle, I am strong and confident. I have a keen eye on picking out the smallest grammatical errors while focusing on the big picture, motivating and guiding staff to a successful publication."

Flaticon Icon Key traits:

  • Strong

  • Confident


Shanna is interviewing for a job as an event planner at a wedding consultant agency. Which of these animals could she use to answer the question, "Which animal best describes you on the job?"

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Now that you have chosen an animal that fits well with the position you've applied for:


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