You're sitting in a job interview and you're ready to respond to any questions the interviewer may ask you about yourself when you get hit with the question:

"What are the qualities of a good leader and a bad leader?"

*cue internal panic*

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This is a common interview question that can be answered in many ways!

What To Say

To answer this question, you should list the traits and characteristics that you feel makes a person a good or bad leader.

Some examples:

Flaticon Icon "A good leader is someone who has great communication skills, is passionate about their work, and is able to make decisions."

Flaticon Icon "A bad leader is someone who has poor communication skills, is close-minded, and is unable to adapt to various situations."

Talk About Your Personal Experiences With Leaders

Show the interviewer that you understand the qualities of both a good and bad leader by speaking from personal experience. Explain why specific traits you've encountered really demonstrate a person's ability or inability to lead.

Some examples:

If you think your soccer coach is a great role model because of their positive attitude — then tell the interviewer about it!


If you think one of your group members at school is a bad leader because of their poor communication skillsthen tell the interviewer about it!

Your answers will be much more meaningful if you can connect the questions to your own experiences.

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Take Action

As long as you can clearly explain what you feel is a good and bad leader, you'll be fine!

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