How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you?

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A hiring manager would ask you that question during a job interview to know :

  • How you view yourself

  • How you view others

  • How well you would work with the team

How To Answer?

Be honest but be positive and focus on teamwork.


  • Show that you value diversity in a team

  • Say you believe there are different kinds of knowledge

  • Say you believe managers and staff learn from one another

  • Show you're willing to work in any type of management environment



  • Say you wouldn't like to work for someone with less knowledge than you

  • Show you have been frustrated in the past in a similar situation

  • Demonstrate your superior knowledge

  • Explain intelligence can be rated through test scores or education

    Don't be cocky

Who Would You Hire?

Carmen, Nick and Tim are applying for a job in the marketing department of a web development company. There are 2 positions.

Read their answers to the question, "How would you feel working for someone who knows less than you?"

Flaticon Icon Carmen

"If the manager is here, it means that they proved themselves to be good at what they do and that I can learn from them."

Flaticon Icon Nick

"I always show respect to my supervisors and I don't mind working for someone who knows less than me as long as they listen to me. I have a Master's degree in Marketing, as you know."

Flaticon Icon Tim

"I think a team is more efficient when members of the team have different approaches, whether it is due to their personality, professional background, experience or education."


Who would you hire?

Take Action

Be prepared so the question won't catch you off guard.

Think about what your answer would be.

Rely on your experience. Maybe you already faced a similar situation during a group project for school or as an intern. Think about what you learned from it and how you can share it with a future hiring manager.

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